• Join us for happy hour with The Happy Era. This Saturday from 12pm-4pm at Brothers Brewery.

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how to shop

energizing whole foods

we use natural, whole foods to keep you feeling full and satisfied. our waffles come with the nutrients you need to fuel your day and keep you from reaching for endless snacks.

high in protein, fiber and healthy fats to keep you full

lower in carbs and sweetened with natural sugar to prevent that sugar crash

free from added gluten, dairy, artificial sweeteners and preservatives (cannot guarantee)

happiness from the inside out

join The Era.

we envision a world full of energized, creative, and fulfilled people.

"These are soooo yummy!! I’m addicted! I put syrup on them and next time I won’t because they’re sooo good on their own! 😍"

"My family gave me so much crap that I only ordered one bought so next order will be 4 packs"

"I just had 3 waffles I'm stuffed rn"

"Didn't even need syrup. So good! Thank you!!"

"The chocolate chunks in the peanut butter waffles are to die for"

gift cards

looking for something for someone special? a gift card to our store is the perfect idea!

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