About Us

Takeout is expensive, pre-packaged foods were leaving me bloated and making great food from scratch takes too long.

I wanted to create something for my fellow hangry humans out there who were looking for an energizing boost of nutrition that tasted great and was easy to make. Easy, like Sunday morning easy. So I put my engineering background to the task of creating a product that was going to be satiating and delivered with enough protein, fiber and health fats to keep you going.

To sweeten the deal (naturally, of course), I found a way to design my protein from a sustainable source of upcycled barley, contributing to the circular economy. 

With the help of good food, get ready to enter your happiest era….

Stay happy,

Meet the Founder

Hi, I'm Domenique! I've always been obsessed with healthy food finds especially after spending years struggling with feeling tired, bloated and hungry. 

When I discovered the simple building blocks that made a great meal; protein, fiber and healthy fats, I was amazed at how I felt. I upped my energy and bid bloating goodbye. 

From there I moved onto another mission… to find high-protein snacks that were free of fillers. As a self professed grocery store junkie I found a gap in the aisles, the breakfast category was coming up short. What happened next? My happiest era began. 

What started with a collection of small batch waffles that I created as part of a school assignment has evolved over the years. Today, Happy Era’s goods have been  refined to a collection of delicious, high-protein, filler-free muffin mix. I am continuing to innovate so I can make incredible snacks accessible for all - and end hanger for good!