About Us

"I needed a snack that would fuel my ambitions"

- Domenique Mastronardi, Founder

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...The Era of happy, glowing, ambitious, energized people, that is. 

At The Happy Era, we believe that happiness stems from within. A nourished body makes space for an energized and creative mind. 

Leave the nourishment to us so that you can focus on you. The Happy Era strives to give you more time to do your thing, except with even more energy and ambition.

How it Began

"That's fine, but make it way better," my prof said to me when I pitched him my idea to make healthy waffles for a Food Engineering project. "Find out what people want, what people are missing. And it better be delicious." 

Naturally, I decided to meet my own needs first. I'm pretty picky, so I thought that it would be a good starting point. I'm also a snacker. I need something in my system at all times to keep me going. So these waffles had to be filling. I used healthy fats, fibre, and protein at the foundation of every recipe to provide lasting energy. Naturally, that led me to prioritize whole foods too. 

Next, being a student, I was no stranger to pre-packaged snacks. The problem was, the delicious carby snacks, like breakfast cookies, barely made a dent in my stomach. And I couldn't keep pretending that protein bars didn't taste like chalk. I made it my mission to make my waffles the textbook definition of the opposite of chalk. Whatever that means. 

Deliciously nourishing. That's what The Happy Era is all about. 

I hope you enjoy these. And I hope these help you feel your best. Let's unlock your potential together.

Yours truly,