Frequently asked questions

To place an order, simple visit our website and shop online. Deliveries are every Tuesday. 

Refrigerate for up to 7 days before freezing. 

Unlike most, our waffles are high in protein, fibre and fats, and lower in carbs to keep you full for longer. Also, they have NO WEIRD INGREDIENTS!! The waffles are sweetened with natural sugar (coconut sugar), and contain olive oil (rather than processed oils) as a healthy fat. The Happy Era waffles are also free from added gluten, dairy, artificial sweeteners and preservatives! 

Our waffles will keep you full, satisfied and energized for hours. Try it and see it for yourself!

Yes, we provide the ingredients and nutritional information for all waffles. Select the flavour of your choice to view the nutrition label. 

The waffles are packaged fully cooked and ready to eat! Feel free to eat them cold right out of the bag or, if you're feeling fancy, toast them. Top with whatever your heart desires!

Yes, since our only preservative is the fridge. Our waffles are prepared with fresh wholesome ingredients and nothing else. 

Absolutely! You can freeze them right away or refrigerate for 7 days and then freeze. They're packaged with paper in between them so you can grab one out at a time, and re-seal the bag. 

Our waffles are shipped with cold packs and insulation to stay fresh. 

Our waffles are delivered every Tuesday between 8am and 8pm. Any orders placed by Sunday at noon will be included. 

We are based in Guelph, but deliver Ontario wide.

Yes! See our stockist page to find a store near you. Upcoming market details for Summer 2022 will be released soon 👀👀👀👀

As of right now, we are only selling waffles, with new seasonal flavours dropping frequently. However, stay tuned for the introduction of other baked goods and mixes!