How do I order?
To place anĀ order, simple visit our website and shop online. Deliveries are every Tuesday.Ā 
How long will my waffles stay fresh?Ā 
RefrigerateĀ for up to 2 days before freezing.Ā 
What makes The Happy Era waffles healthy?Ā 
UnlikeĀ most, our waffles are high in protein,Ā fibre and fats, and lower in carbs to keep you full for longer. The waffles are sweetened with natural sugar (coconut sugar), and contain olive oil (rather than processed oils) as a healthy fat. The Happy Era waffles are also free from added gluten, dairy, artificial sweeteners and preservatives!Ā 
What's so special about your waffles?
Our waffles will keep you full, satisfied and energized for hours. Try it and see it for yourself!
Do you provide the nutritional information for the waffles?
Yes, we provide the ingredients and nutritional information for allĀ waffles. Select the flavour of your choice to view the nutrition label.Ā 
How should I prepare the waffles?Ā 
The waffles are packaged fully cooked and ready to eat! Feel free to eat them cold right out of the bag or, if you're feeling fancy, toast them. Top with whatever your heart desires!
Do the waffles need to be refrigerated?Ā 
Yes, as our waffles are prepared with fresh whole ingredients.Ā 
Can I freeze Happy Era waffles?Ā 
Absolutely! You canĀ freeze them right away or refrigerate for 2 days and then freeze. They're packaged with paper in between them so you can grab one out at a time, and re-seal the bag.Ā 
Will my waffles stay fresh in transit?Ā 
Our waffles are shipped with cold packs and insulation to stayĀ fresh.Ā 
How long will it take to receive my order?Ā 
Our waffles are delivered everyĀ Tuesday between 8am and 8pm.Ā Any orders placed byĀ Sunday at noon will be included.Ā 
Where do you deliver?Ā 
We are based in Guelph, but weĀ deliver to the GTA and beyond. See our delivery map for full details or check our postal code validatorĀ (little map at the bottom right of your screen.)
Can I purchase Happy Era waffles in-person?Ā 
Yes! Although we currently do not sell products at retail locations, you can visit any one of our markets in order to purchase waffles in person. Upcoming market details can be found on the 'Events' page of our website.Ā Stay tuned for more locationsĀ šŸ‘€šŸ‘€šŸ‘€šŸ‘€
Will The Happy Era be introducing new foods in the future?Ā 
As of right now, we are only selling waffles, with new seasonalĀ flavours dropping frequently. However, stay tuned for the introduction of other baked goods and mixes!
What COVID protocols have been taken?Ā 
As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have adjusted practices to ensure safety protocols are being followed. All employees wear masks, and heed to frequent and thorough sanitation measures.Ā 

Happy Era brings you only the good stuff - no fillersĀ 

(or dairy, refined sugar, etc...)

No Added Sugar

Naturally sweetened with organic dates and stevia extract. 6g sugar or less per muffin!

Ready in 30 Minutes

Comes together with eggs, a touch of oil, and liquid of choice!

Effin' good

Crafted to be moist, fluffy and perfectly sweet!