The Happy Era serves up freshly baked, high-protein waffles that give you energy for a happy, full life! Our handmade waffles – the ultimate comfort food – are high in protein, fibre and healthy fats to keep you full, focused and ready for anything. Perfect for a healthy quick breakfast, nourishing snack on the run or to create your favourite waffle recipe. Choose from Peanut Butter Chocolate ChunkMaple and Cinnamon, plus special seasonal flavours.

The Happy Era was founded in 2019 by Domenique Mastronardi, who is passionate about making healthy food accessible and sustainable.  

Founder bio:

Domenique Mastronardi is an entrepreneur and innovator who believes that having a nourished body keeps us happy and unlocks our potential in all facets of life. Domenique founded The Happy Era in 2019, offering freshly baked, high protein waffles via home delivery in Guelph and other Ontario communities (see all locations). She is passionate about making healthy foods more accessible and sustainable, and is currently completing her studies in the M.A.Sc. Food Engineering program at the University of Guelph.

Domenique is always ready to share coffee and a laugh, especially when puns are involved. She’d love to chat about running a food business as a young entrepreneur with a background in STEM, plus wellness insights for a healthy, happy life.


Press Contact:

Domenique Mastronardi
In the News:

Guelph Today chats with Domenique Mastronardi about how she's changing the way people look at waffles: 
Video Interview & News Article 

Domenique shares with Guelph Today how she started The Happy Era: from science fair winner to business owner. She discusses what makes these waffles unique, and how her passions, her family, and studying in the town of Guelph have inspired her to bake these nutritious treats.

Watch Dom’s video interview to get to know her and to share a few laughs with her.


Class Assignment Turns Into Waffle Delivery Business for U of G Student: News Article

The University of Guelph news tells Domenique’s story, from growing up on her family’s cucumber farm, to becoming a young entrepreneur with The Happy Era. Dom talks about how the Food for Thought research program’s Project Soy Plus competition became the “springboard” for her to enter the entrepreneurial space. The opportunity was not only a great learning experience, but also allowed her build a network of mentors and other entrepreneurs that continue to be a support system for her.


No Waffling Around for Student Start-up Business: News Article

Domenique speaks about creating a startup while pursuing her degree in biological engineering at the University of Guelph. Her journey began while doing a course project. She drew her inspiration from her own personal life and passion for nutrition, and turned it into The Happy Era. From there, she scaled her business model with help from the U of G’s John F. Wood Centre for Business and Student Enterprise, through the Hub Incubator program. 


UoG Wood Centre

Rhyze Ventures

UoG Research Innovation Office


Happy Era brings you only the good stuff - no fillers 

(or dairy, refined sugar, etc...)

No Added Sugar

Naturally sweetened with organic dates and stevia extract. 6g sugar or less per muffin!

Ready in 30 Minutes

Comes together with eggs, a touch of oil, and liquid of choice!

Effin' good

Crafted to be moist, fluffy and perfectly sweet!