Cinnamon Waffles

Fluffy. Lightly sweet with a warmmmmm cinnamon scent and flavour.  Oh-so-satisfying.

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Moist, light and airy, lightly sweet, super filling!
Ready to eat (toast it, eat it frozen, or thaw for an hour)
Gluten-friendly, Dairy-friendly, and 7g protein
Sweetened with coconut sugar, no bloating zero-calorie sweeteners

About the Product

High in protein, fats and fiber to keep you full.
Low-carb and lightly sweetened with natural sweeteners.
Free from gluten, dairy, artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

*While we do not use any ingredients containing gluten, dairy, artificial sweeteners or preservatives, we cannot guarantee that these ingredients aren't present. **Please refrain from consuming if you have any allergies.**