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Keto Happy Era Pancake Mix!!!!

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Moist, light and airy, lightly sweet, super filling!
1 bowl
Gluten-friendly, Dairy-friendly, and <1g sugar
Sweetened with coconut sugar, no bloating zero-calorie sweeteners


You've beeeeeeen asking for this!!! Say hello to our pancake and waffle mix that is fluffy, keto-friendly, lightly sweet, and totally customizable! 

Please remember to cover the pan and make small pancakes if you're making pancakes.

To flavour...
1 tsp cinnamon 
Vanilla: 1 tsp vanilla extract 
Buttermilk: let your milk ferment with 1 tsp lemon juice or white/apple cider vinegar for 5 mins
Fruit or chocolate chip: add toppings right before flipping pancakes, or on top of waffles before closing waffle iron. Also still tasty with vanilla and cinnamon! 

Please remember we cannot guarantee that our products are free from any allergens. Reach out to us if you want to chat specific allergens! 



About the Product

High in protein, fats and fiber to keep you full.
Low-carb and lightly sweetened with natural sweeteners.
Free from gluten, dairy, artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

Our products are made in a facility that may use all priority allergens. While we do not use any ingredients containing gluten, dairy, artificial sweeteners or preservatives, we cannot guarantee that these ingredients aren't present. Please see packaging for most up-to-date allergen info.

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